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The Apostle of Hustle melting snow in Ottawa this weekend

I hope you're enjoying April so far. I'd like to start off by officially apologizing for causing this endless snow. I thought I was sooo clever a few weeks back. After a couple of warm, beautiful, sunny days, I laid down some bets with a few unwitting souls that we would get at least one more big snow dump. Oh, I won those bets alright. But at what cost? Snow is everywhere and it won't stop! Karma, I'm told, puts on a great poker face.

However, on today's Hop The Fence, we have just what you need to help you forget about snow and all winter-related troubles. We will be speaking with The Apostle of Hustle's Andrew Whiteman. Andrew, also a key member of Broken Social Scene has released a second fabulous disc with his Apostle of Hustle bandmates. It's called National Anthem of Nowhere. Guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies, this sophomore disc, with its underlying Latin feel, will rock the snow right out of the skies. Catch the band live at Zaphod's on Saturday.

The next few weeks on HTF will be busy. There are a lot of new releases from local and other Canadian artists and everyone, it seems, is going on tour. So tonight we'll be listening to plenty of fine tunes including tracks from Jim Bryson's long awaited new disc, Where the Bungalows Roam (he's at the Blacksheep this weekend), The Acorn's Tin Fist (at Babylon tonight), and Do Make Say Think's You, You're A History In Rust (at Barrymore's on Saturday).

So in the words of PJ Harvey, "turn on your radioooooo-oh-oh" and tune it to CHUO FM at 89.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa. Or listen on-line at:

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