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CHUO Dial and Donate

Alright here’s the pitch. For 16 years, CHUO has been bringing you super cool programs in a wide variety of genres to please the most diverse palates. For my part, Hop The Fence has been supporting Canadian independent musicians for nearly 5 years. Plenty of award winners have appeared on Hop The Fence just as they were crossing the threshold to fame and fortune including K-OS, members of Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara, Buck 65 and, more recently, Serena Ryder. It’s kinda like a good luck charm … once you’ve Hopped The Fence, the world is your oyster! More importantly many of Ottawa’s rising stars have joined us in the CHUO studios. And it is to you that I appeal this week. We’re always happy to support you in your time of need.

Today is the launch of CHUO’s funding drive. Yep… this is your big opportunity to help us continue to help you. If you’ve got any pocket change to spare, we would greatly appreciate your kind contribution to Ottawa’s community radio. Your generosity will help us keep the independent music scene bending airwaves across our fine city and around the world via the Internet. (We have regular listeners in Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and even Florida!)

All you need to do is press the reply button on this e-mail and say “Yes, Anne-Marie, I’d love to donate!” It’s easy and pain free. How about if I say, “Pretty please with a cherry on top”?

On today’s program we’ll be spinning tunes from some great bands coming to town this weekend including folk singer-songwriter and activist, Ember Swift who is at the Rainbow Thursday next and Ottawa folk-jazz artist, Christine Graves, who is performing at the NAC Fourth Stage tomorrow evening. (I'm still firming up plans to speak with these two fine artists this evening.) We’ll also be cuing up some Ox for you (at the Blacksheep tonight) and lots of other good stuff.

It’s all happening on CHUO FM at 89.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa. Or listen on-line at:

Thanks for being part of this great community.

Dedicated CHUO Volunteer

Hop The Fence
CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa
Fridays @ 5
PLEASE DIAL AND DONATE ! Call 613.562.5967

e-mail: hopthefence (@) hotmail (dot) com
Now on MySpace:

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