Thin White Duchess (ultra_drella) wrote,
Thin White Duchess

Everything old is new again

Tonight on Hop The Fence, we're featuring two very different artists who believe everything old can be new again. Oddly enough, they're both covering Leonard Cohen songs on their latest discs. (Yeah, Leonard, that puts you in the "old" category.)

Klezmer music. What is it? According to, Canadian klezmer icon, GEOFF BERNER, it’s wedding music. So he set out to compose a modern-day wedding album: “Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride”. As the title suggests, this isn’t the merriest of occasions. Berner rejuvinates traditional klezmer with raw punk energy tinged with dark humour. Sometimes humour is the only way to escape a scary situation, and what could be more frightening than one’s nuptials! (Scary but fun, for all the soon-to-be-hitched readers!) Geoff is releasing his new disc tonight at the Blacksheep Inn. But first, he’ll be calling us in the studio at CHUO.

While the rest of us spent our teen years listening to ear piercing punk rock, sticking safety pins in our lobes and donning blinding orange spikes for hair... (erhhh well, maybe that was just me, sorry)... SERENA RYDER was listening to gramma’s old favorites. At the tender age of 23, Toronto-based, SERENA RYDER has released her major label debut: “If Your Memory Serves You Well”. It’s a collection of timeless classics penned by Canadian artists, but popularized by non-Canadians, including “Good Morning Starshine” and “You Were Always On My Mind”. A gifted songwriter in her own right, Serena, breathes new life into these old classics. We’ll be speaking with her this evening before she makes her way to the capital on Monday at Barrymore’s.

It’s all happening on CHUO FM at 89.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa. Or listen on-line at:


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