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Ottawa Music Coalition Concert Series

So I’ve finally emerged from the haze of codeine that shielded me from pain. My brain is regaining clarity and my spirit is lightening. No matter what they say, there’s no such thing as “routine” surgery. I’ve discovered that I am not a very good patient. And daytime TV sucks big time. I spent the last week with stitches protruding from my mouth. I gotta say, for a radio host, that’s pretty far from ideal. I feel like I have spiders weaving webs between my teeth. Errhhh alright well, enough about me… Let’s talk about Ottawa’s awesome musical talent.

Last fall, a number of Ottawa musicians, club owners, festival coordinators, local media peeps and other like-minded citizens banded together to help raise awareness of the vast amount of talent we have lurking in our neighborhoods. The Ottawa indie music scene is thriving but we don’t want it to be the capital’s best kept secret. With this in mind, 33 1st Productions, in conjunction with Gallery Studios & the Ottawa Music Coalition is presenting a concert to showcase some of the city’s talent. It’s on tonight and you’re invited. The show, which is expected to be the first of a series, will feature the delightfully talented Sarah Metzer, along with Once Past Silver and The Ethics. It’s all happening at Ottawa’s “rock’n’roll” church: The Ecclesiast Church in the Glebe. It’s on Fifth Avenue, 1/2 block East of Bank. Look for the blue doors, they’ll open at 8pm. Pay what you can.
If you’re interested in participating in the Ottawa Music Coalition, you can get more info on our myspace page:

We’ll be previewing some tunes from the featured artists on Hop The Fence this evening starting at 5 p.m. Joining us in the studio will be members of Once Past Silver, an Ottawa-based folk trio.

I hope you can tune in either on your FM dial at 89.1 or on-line at

Hop The Fence
CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa .

Fridays @ 5
Studio # : 613.562.5967
e-mail: hopthefence [at]
Now on MySpace:

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