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It's December 8. An important date in my realm. It's my mom's b-day and my mom-in-law's d-day, one year ago. It's odd how numbers and dates intermingle and come together to signify stuff.

MALAJUBE. Here's another odd thing for a franco-Ontarian girl. I'll tell you something many of you don't know: I'm French. Half French-Canadian and half-Belgian. Yet, Hop The Fence is an English program featuring mainly English indie bands. That's because I've been adequately assimilated into the anglophone community. This has been an ongoing cause of irritation around our family for years. This is why a band like MALAJUBE are so important to me and to many bilingual music fans. They haven't denied their roots. They've remained true to who they are and have succeeded in crossing boundaries between franco and anglo. It's all about the music right? It should be. I'm not saying they're the only band to acheive this crossover, but they've managed to to attract the attention of a fairly wide audience including the media. Maybe that's the big step required. MALAJUBE have great songs. Some soft. Many hard rockin'. All very creative. If you haven't already caught the MALAJUBE bug, allow me to expoose you. Tune in to Hop The Fence tonight and check out the buzz. C'est super cool, man. If anyone understands the anglo-franco dichotomy, it's us Ottawans living on the Quebec border.

Did you know CHUO is the nation's only bilingual community radio station? You've got to check it out. Tune in to CHUO FM at 89.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa. Or listen on-line at:


Hop The Fence

CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa
Fridays @ 5
Studio # : 613.562.5967
Now on MySpace:
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