Thin White Duchess (ultra_drella) wrote,
Thin White Duchess

Justin Rutledge and Jetplanes of Abraham

He's living the dream. JUSTIN RUTLEDGE a writer, singer and musician whose richness of lyrics and intense depiction of characters, locales, and moments in time has released his second album, The Devil On A Bench In Stanley Park, with the help of a few friends from a little band called Blue Rodeo. That album title should give you an indication of the imagery he conjures in his songs. He’s also nabbed a great gig touring across the country as opener for Jim Cuddy, which brings him to Ottawa at the NAC on Tuesday, November 14. Catch him first tonight on Hop The Fence.

Also appearing on Hop The Fence this evening, a relatively new band made up of Ottawa musicians we’ve met here before. JETPLANES OF ABRAHAM includes the peculiar mix of Kingston Fog’s Rick Devereux and Renée Leduc and For The Mathematics' Clayton Fisher. Rounding off the line up are Caleb Abbott, Craig Mainprize and Chris Vechsler. The band is set to release their debut CD on November 18 at Zaphod’s. Tune in tonight and you’ll be hearing it before everyone else.

It’s all happening on CHUO FM at 89.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa. You can listen on-line at:

Hop The Fence
CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa
Fridays @ 5
Studio # : 613.562.5967

Now on MySpace:
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