Thin White Duchess (ultra_drella) wrote,
Thin White Duchess

Ox Hops the Fence

We’ll be listening to lots of fine Canadian music between 5 and 6 p.m. this Friday.

Also, we’ll be speaking with a musician who has always followed his heart in the genre-crossing, stripped down, DIY movement and with great acclaimed success. We are proud to welcome back to the show, MARK BROWNING, aka OX. Ox's long awaited new disc, American Lo Fi, just released this week is confirming previous accolades of Mark's unique ingenuity. Blending 70s rock americana with folk and country, the vulnerability of his songs and the potency of his words are emphasized by Mark's distinct voice. Ox is performing at The Blacksheep Inn on Thursday (October 26). Check it out! You don’t want to miss their twangy remake of Cheap Trick’s Surrender! Twangy? Yeah, well kinda…

Join in on the fun. It’s Friday. Relax and set your radio dial to CHUO, 89.1 FM in Ottawa. Or listen on-line at:


Hop The Fence
CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa
Fridays @ 5
Studio # : 613.562.5967


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